Roll Fingerprint Inkless Pad (Ceramic, Refillable)

Roll Fingerprint Inkless Pad (Ceramic, Refillable)

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EZID#5 - Inkless Ceramic Roll Fingerprint Pad: 2.5" X 4.0" rectangular container. This item is reusable ceramic pad. It last much longer than the traditional plastic materials. You can save hundreds of dollars over the life of Inkless Ceramic Pad. Our Inkless pad is used with original inkless technology, we do not use black ink, therefore it does not have the traditional ink mess. It is water solvable. Simply wash your hands with water after each use. Creates permanent clear, true black fingerprint images, Fingerprints produced by this product are approved by FBI, ABA for classifiable search and retention.

Pad can be recharged with Dactek Recharge Solution. Product to be used on special cards (part#: FP258C, SF-87c, or other Dactek coated cards)

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This item is FBI approved. It is suitable to use for local, state, federal governments' fingerprinting, background checks.